Electronic Packaging Thermal Performance: Understanding Structure Functions

The Bridge Between Thermal Measurement and Thermal Simulation

This whitepaper will discuss the Challenge of Thermal Analysis in the Real World with a Case Study that is Closer to Real PCB Board Application

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Thermal characterization of complex electronics: A basic primer on structure functions

You will learn:

  • Evolution of power, size and temperature in electronics design
  • Structure functions: A revolution of interpretation
  • Examples of structure function applications: Characterizing interface resistances
  • Measuring interface material thermal conductivity
  • Improving thermal model accuracy through calibration

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Mathematical Description of Thermal Systems

Thermal measurements and modeling: The transient and multichip issue

This whitepaper will discuss the following:

  • The Theory of linear systems
  • Step-response and their functions
  • Time-constant spectrum
  • Thermal transient testing
  • Excitation
  • Measuring the response
  • Using logarithmic time scale

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Structure functions provide a direct, intuitive picture of how heat propagates from the junction of a device to the ambient. They can be used to measure the performance of a thermal interface material, or of the whole package and system, providing a much greater understanding of the system than a simple thermal resistance number.

To learn more about Structure Functions, watch this short video explaining how a Structure Function is created.