Thermal Transient Testing of LEDs for More Reliable SSL Products by Mentor Graphics

CFD simulation results of a headlight luminaire completed with LEDs for running daylight using the CAD model of the luminaire as input for the CFD simulation. Learn more in the whitepaper below!

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State of the Art in LED Thermal Characterization

Using the JEDEC standard static test method for transient thermal measurements in accordance with JESD51-14 and CIE 127-2007 has increased the level of accuracy in light-emitting diodes (LEDs) thermal characterization. These higher standards have resulted in increased customer confidence and market share. In compliance with these standards, the Mentor Graphics T3Ster system can complete more than 100 LED thermal measurements in a single day, and it is the most accurate.

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New JEDEC Thermal Testing standards for high power LED

What you’ll learn:

  • How thermal issues in LEDs affect everything
  • The new JEDEC standards for thermal testing in LEDs
  • Essential conditions for a correct thermal resistance
  • Test environments for LEDs and LED lamps

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