Simcenter FloEFD Electronics Cooling Centre Module

Combining the best electronics related capabilities of Simcenter FloEFD and Simcenter Flotherm for accurate thermal simulation of electronics inside CAD.

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Simcenter FloTHERM

Close your thermal design faster, minimize rework and physical prototyping, and free up valuable engineering resources for innovation.

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Electronics IC package thermal modeling

It is commonly accepted that two of the trends in the electronics industry are miniaturization and the electrification of all things. As a result, electronics today are deployed in dynamic and sometimes harsh environments. As the environments have changed, so have the requirements for the system integrators. Today, companies need integrated circuit (IC) package models that can accurately predict dynamic thermal performance.

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7 key considerations for effective chip-package thermal co-design

What you’ll learn:

  • Why chip-package thermal co-design is important
  • When chip-package thermal co-design is essential

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