Valor Process Preparation:

A complete Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation environment.

A Single Engineering Solution

Valor Process Preparation provides manufactures with everything they need to accurately and efficiently run the manufacturing process, while saving costs.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Overview - Process prep introduction
    • What’s New in Process Prep
    • Roadmap for Process Preparation
  • Process Preparation in depth


This video will demonstrate:

  • The importance of a single source integrated engineering data platform
  • How new product introduction lead-time and cost can be saved
  • How line time trial and error is replaced with off-line simulation
  • The essential tools needed to avoid mistakes propagating through the process
  • The importance of accurate engineering data for planning and manufacturing execution

Portability is key to competitiveness for PCB manufacturers

The reasons for switching product lines from one factory to another may be to reduce manufacturing costs, manufacture larger quantities, or move to a higher quality manufacturer. The challenge is the same, regardless of the reason for moving product to a new factory – how to remain efficient. You want the switch-over process to take as little time as possible, avoiding the added costs of increased time-to market. You also want all the data to be transferred accurately, without any translation issues. Lastly, you want all the libraries to be available, without requiring any additional adjustments and adding redundant, time-consuming work.

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Improving PCB Inspection Data Preparation Methods

What you’ll learn:

  • Improving Board Data
  • Improving AOI Data Transfer
  • Improving AXI Data Transfer

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