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Improve CAD management for greater design productivity and business profitability

How much time are you wasting in CAD management? Studies show that companies without good CAD management practices waste 25 percent of their design teams’ time on non-value-added data management tasks like searching for files and preparing designs for others. In the face of increasing product complexity, CAD management best practices are more important than ever.

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PDM vs PLM? Powerex took the fast track to PDM that can grow to PLM!

PDM vs PLM? Why choose? See how this small team of 12 engineers at Powerex got into production quickly, and cost-effectively, with preconfigured Teamcenter PDM software for a fast 20 percent productivity gain. With the next steps of advanced BOM management and ERP integration, Powerex is investing in their future with software that can grow as their business grows.

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Unlock the Secrets of PDM for SolidWorks

If you’re using SolidWorks PDM today, it’s worth taking a look at Teamcenter Rapid Start, a preconfigured delivery option for the world’s most widely used product lifecycle management (PLM) software that you can get up and running in as little as one week! You can bring together the design data of diverse applications and locations into a single, secure system that makes it easy for everyone in your business to find and re-use data. You can use PLM inside SolidWorks, and non-SolidWorks users can access product information and processes from any web browser.

Best PDM strategies to avoid wasted time in CAD design

Stop wasting time in CAD design! Learn the best PDM strategies to avoid the time wasters of poor design management. Download this free e-book by industry research firm Tech-Clarity.

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Take a look at the top time-wasters in CAD design!

CAD design is no game, but we’ve laid it out for you on a gameboard so you can see for yourself the time-wasters design engineers run into every day. Download this infographic by industry research firm Tech-Clarity to see all the obstacles that get in the way of design productivity.

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Increase Design Productivity by 25% with PDM

Whether you have 5 or 50 designers, attend this webinar to see the best product data management (PDM) software to improve design productivity by 25 percent. Your team can get up and running with Teamcenter in as little as one week!

What’s the best PDM software for SolidWorks?

Download this infographic to see the advantages of Teamcenter, with capabilities from easier engineering change management to better BOM management. See how it’s easy to access and use inside SolidWorks for your design team and easy for everyone else to access from any smart device with a web browser.

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