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Analyze signal integrity issues early in the design cycle to eliminate costly re-spins.

HyperLynx® Signal Integrity (SI) generates fast, easy and accurate signal integrity analysis in PCB systems design.

HyperLynx SI helps engineers efficiently manage rule exploration, definition and validation, ensuring that engineering intent is fully achieved.  The software is tightly integrated from schematic design through final layout verification. It can quickly and accurately resolve typical high-speed design effects including over/undershoot, ringing, crosstalk and timing.

  • Can be used for pre- and post-layout SI & EMC analysis (LineSim, BoardSim)
  • Compatible with all major PCB tools
  • Provides industry-leading multi-board analysis
  • Reasonable price and industry-leading ease of use makes HyperLynx an ‘every-desktop’ standard
  • Sold in a variety of configurations to meet differing needs