Valor Process Prep

Valor Process Preparation for PCB Assembly and Test

A complete engineering solution for PCB Assembly and Test

Streamline engineering tasks with production-optimized data

The Valor Process Preparation module is a complete engineering solution for DFx, process development and test engineering for PCB assembly operations. It improves the efficiency and quality of PCB assembly with tools such as optimized front-end DFA analysis, BOM validation, stencil design, SMT programming and line balancing.

Process Preparation (formerly known as vPlan) software by Valor, delivers a complete software solution comprising DFx, SMT, assembly and test engineering for PCB assembly operations.

With a single central database of engineering data based on import of ODB++, native CAD, and BOM files with fully configurable manufacturing process definitions, Valor Process Preparation ensures automated, error-free set-ups and outputs for PCB assembly, test and inspection, right first time, in half the normal time.

Major Benefits

  • Increase engineering efficiency by using a single tool for all process engineering tasks
  • Eliminate redundant preparation work with Learning Libraries
  • Increase documentation efficiency through automation and use of templates
  • Maximize off-line preparation to eliminate on-line trial and error delays
  • Preserve manufacturing know-how, including manufacturing best practices libraries and customer data preparation flows.
  • Increase product profitability by seamlessly moving production between lines and factories using PPF