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Accurately model power distribution networks and noise propagation mechanisms throughout the PCB design process.

Identify potential power integrity distribution issues that can interfere with board design logic, and investigate and validate solutions in an easy-to-use, “what-if” environment with HyperLynx® PI.

This intuitive tool gives any member of your design team the ability to quickly and accurately analyze power integrity, without the usual steep learning curve of most power analysis products.

Design team access to these sophisticated power integrity capabilities will help companies reduce prototype spins, shorten time to market, and allow engineers to develop more reliable products.

  • DC Drop & Current Density Analysis
    HyperLynx BoardSim enables rapid diagnosis and resolution of DC power distribution issues.
  • Decoupling Analysis
    HyperLynx LineSim quickly and accurately defines voltage ripple requirements in an IC design.
  • PI / Thermal Co-Simulation
    Modern ICs generate lots of heat. They also demand high current loads from a board’s PDN (power distribution network). Inadequate plane shapes and traces can raise current densities even higher, causing excessive component heating or copper failure. Using HyperLynx PI with thermal co-simulation, engineers can assess trouble spots and design more dependable boards.
  • SI / PI Co-Simulation
    Common technologies like DDR3 have fast switching speeds that can impact power delivery and ultimately cause apparent signal-integrity issues. These issues are usually exhibited as voltage noise on the power net or timing delay and voltage skew on the signal net. HyperLynx SI / PI co-simulation allows customers to address the complex problems of looking at signals interacting with power planes due to vias in the signal path.

Solve PCB Power Integrity Problems with HyperLynx PI Virtual Lab

Better PCB Power Design with DC Drop Analysis