PADS Professional Advantage

Today’s PCB designers’ needs vary. You need tools that can scale with your business and address the complexity and challenges engineers are facing. PADS Professional is the self-contained, integrated, full PCB design flow that supports hardware engineers and small workgroups.

Sketch Routing

Sketch routing provides powerful automation technology for extraordinary efficiency during PCB layout. High completion rates are accomplished while quality is maintained. Automatically unravel complicated net paths and pin escapes to minimize net lengths and use what-if scenarios to quickly and easily identify the best routing strategies.

Routing PCB designs is becoming increasingly more difficult—designs are highly constrained by more design rules, less physical space, signal integrity rules, and several other factors that present challenges for designers who want to streamline their process with traditional auto routing technologies.

Mentor Graphics’ Sketch Router combines the convenience of auto-routing with the benefits of manual routing to meet the increasing number of design challenges? With sketch routing, PCB designers can quickly and easily route high quality, rules-driven designs the way they visualize

them—all in real time.

Rigid Flex


In this brief video on rigid flex technology usage, we highlight implementing rigid flex technology in your next design, including the key design benefits of using flexible circuitry and how PADS Professional addresses these complexities.

What You Will Learn
  • Benefits and challenges of rigid-flex design
  • How to implement flex in your next design
  • How PADS Professional addresses flex design