Date(s) - 11/29/2017
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Rigid-Flex PCB Design: Challenges and Solutions

If you aren’t already designing with rigid-flex structures, chances are you will be soon. This webinar takes a look at flex design challenges and examines solutions for efficient flex design and mitigation of risks with complex flex and rigid-flex designs.


Flex is a truly enabling technology that lets you cost-efficiently pack more functionality in a smaller volume. It fosters increased integration where cabling is integrated into the main PCB; can be folded in 3D to best fit the interior of a product and it is mechanically stable; and it’s capable of dynamic (repeated) bending and withstanding high-G and high amplitude vibration and shocks.

Today, flex is used in all sorts of products such as consumer electronics of various complexity, medical equipment, aerospace and defense, automotive and many more.

What You Will Learn

·         Unique design challenges associated with rigid-flex topologies

·         Solutions within Xpedition Enterprise that enable productive design, validation and hand-off to manufacturing

·         Benefits of an efficient rigid-flex design process

Who Should View

·         Design managers looking to improve overall process efficiency

·         Layout designers currently addressing flex design with workarounds

·         NPI engineers streamlining the hand-off to fabrication


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