Upcoming Events

Apr 3rd, 2020

UVM Coding Guidelines: Tips & Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

Location: Webinar

Chris Spear, Principle Instructor presents coding guidelines for UVM, the Universal Verification Methodology. He recommends how to create testbench transactions and component classes that are...

Apr 8th, 2020

Configuring LDAP for EDM

Location: Webinar

LDAP is the method by which an application communicates with an Active Directory (AD) database in order to validate existing/active accounts and read helpful data...

Apr 15th, 2020

Creating and Using Complex Vias

Location: Webinar

Starting with Xpedition Layout VX.2.4, Complex Vias were introduced as a means to create user defined via patterns needed for layer transitions that require special...

Apr 22nd, 2020

Diff Pair Routing and Tuning Techniques

Location: Webinar

This webinar will cover the tools available for routing and tuning Differential Pairs in PADS Professional Layout.