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Both the Xpedition and Pads ECAD/MCAD Collaborator communicates design data to mechanical CAD systems using the Electrical Design, Mechanical Design (EDMD), ProSTEP-approved data exchange standard based on XML protocol. This allows communication between disciplines at any time or frequency, keeping the participants in their respective system’s comfort zone.

For example, an ECAD designer can propose a change and transmit only the data necessary to illustrate the proposal to the MCAD organization, and vice versa for the MCAD designer.

  • Enables ECAD and MCAD teams to optimize electronics within tight form-factor constraints while still meeting quality, reliability, and performance requirements
  • Replaces paper and verbal interchanges with digital for speedy and error-free changes
  • Provides a graphical platform for collaborative “discussions,” ensuring that ECAD and MCAD engineers consider the complete set of design requirements
  • Supports “what-if” scenarios in a graphical “sandbox”