Date(s) - 08/09/2017
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Controlling PCB EMI And Automating Design Reviews Web Seminar
Wednesday August 9, 2017

EMI can has many causes on a Printed Circuit Board. Identifying sources of EMI can be difficult, requiring manual reviews of the PCB Design by an expert, so checking is often left till the end of the design cycle, when finding issues causes unexpected delays, and if any issues are missed, costly re-spins.

This webinar will cover the potential sources of EMI on a PCB and then provide an automated method for finding them with Hyperlynx DRC, greatly reducing the time it takes to review the PCB.  This allows reviews to be done at multiple stages during design, eliminating issues earlier in the design cycle, reducing the overall schedule, and risk of surprises at the end of the design cycle.

What you will learn
How to find potential sources of EMI
How to reducereview time of the PCB
How to eliminate EMI issues early in the design cycle

Who Should Attend:
PCB Designers and Managers
SI Engineers and Managers
Design Engineers and Managers

We hope you can join us for the webinar.



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