Date(s) - 09/13/2017
10:00 am - 11:00 am


The Benefits of Using the New 3D in the PADS Flow Webinar
Wednesday September 13, 2017


As electronic devices get smaller, thermal compliance is a design aspect which needs careful consideration upfront before device sign-off. The trial and error methodology for thermal design yields increased testing and prototyping costs and the associated delays to market. Higher functionality of electronics devices has led to higher power dissipations in an ever-decreasing form factor. This had led to enormous thermal problems, especially when the product must operate under natural convection conditions.

The source of the thermal dissipation is inevitably a high-power component on a PCB which needs to be kept cool for reliability and performance reasons. Therefore, the PCB needs to be carefully considered to maximize its thermal performance. Thermal design features such as copper pours and thermal vias can be added and optimized to promote heat spreading and heat transfer.

FloTHERM.XT for PADS is a module available for PADS which allows layout engineers to quickly determine if their proposed design will meet thermal compliance or not. It is a full 3D CFD tool which is launched from within PADS and takes the user step-by-step though the analysis process. The combined effects of conduction, convection and radiation can be assessed in natural or forced convection environments.

Typical usage scenarios at the PCB level include:

  • Layout optimization (before and after routing)
  • Thermal via placement and count
  • Stackup thickness optimization
  • Copper pour territory investigation

What you will learn:

  • How FloTHERM.XT is invoked and PCB information is transferred across
  • How to setup a thermal model and apply all the parameters needed for analysis
  • How to include MCAD assemblies (housings, heatsinks) to consider the whole picture
  • Important analysis aspects such as mesh control and solver monitoring
  • How to interpret results visually and numerically
  • How design changes can be quantified and used to optimize the design thermally

Who Should Attend

  • PCB Designers and Managers
  • Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Anyone who would like to learn about thermal simulation of electronic equipment


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